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Using Your On the Go Planner


It’s exciting to unwrap a fresh planner. With a clean slate for the year, it’s the perfect opportunity to take some time and assess your planning goals and ideals.

On the Go is a versatile, purse-sized planner specially created to make planning easy and fun for the busy mom. With Scripture verses, encouraging tips, and a wide variety of planning options, On the Go truly helps you develop a habit of planning!

A Walk Through Your On the Go Planner

If you have just opened your brand new On the Go planner, you might want a quick little walk through its features. Or, perhaps you are still unsure about whether or not this is the planner for you. Well, take a look inside as I walk you through the delights of this busy life, purse-sized planner.


On the first few pages, you’ll find tips for using your On the Go planner and for developing a habit of planning. The On the Go planner was designed with busy moms in mind. Each section of this beautiful planner will aid you in managing home, meals, kids, and most importantly, structure that will allow you to take care of yourself. But, it only works if you put the time and energy into creating a solid habit of planning.


This area allows you to add memories and photos of your family for this year. Your planner will become a keepsake for years to come.

Year at a Glance & Important Information

Utilize this page as a reference for holidays and long-term planning. Keep vital contact emails and phone numbers as well as emergency contacts.

Around the House

Utilize these pages to divide household chores into each day of the week. There is also room in the monthly spaces to schedule those once or twice a year projects like cleaning gutters, organizing winter or summer closets, pressure washing the house, etc.

Household Routine & Daily Schedule

This sheet helps you schedule and maintain a balance in commitments and responsibilities. Begin by adding the time needed to feed the family, then add household chores, extracurricular activities, and any other activities that complete your daily routine and schedule. You can also include your goals of quiet time, self-care, weekly appointments, and more.

With a bird’s eye view of what your week looks like, you can adjust if you are over-committed, protect times of rest, and see when you have time to do more! Copy and use this form as often as you like.

Go-To Meals

These pages are to help you with brainstorming your weekly meal plans. Create a weekly or bi-weekly meal rotation plan on the Go-To Meals page. If you prefer a more spontaneous approach, use the Meal Ideas page to reference throughout the year as you create your weekly plan.


Research has found that it takes a solid 70 days for any new habit to take a firm hold. This year, as you make resolutions and plan goals, use these pages to track your new habits!

Vacation & Bucket List

As you plan out your vacation, this worksheet helps you think through each detail. As well, I’ve included areas to list your bucket list ideas and details.

Goals & Dreams

Plan your goals this year by breaking them down into each quarter. This is a great area to plan your reading, personal growth, or additional education.

Special Projects

Do you have a couple of major projects you’d like to take care of this year? Use this spread to keep them organized. Make notes, create to-do lists, maintain key information, and keep track of progress, all in one handy location.

You will also find a single special projects page included at the beginning of each month to keep track of projects with a shorter time footprint.

Note Pages are Back!

By popular demand, blank note pages have returned this year. You’ll find four lovely note pages right before July, then an additional two-page spread each month, tucked between the monthly article and the budget/project spread.

Monthly Calendar

Each month there is a large two-page calendar with space to note appointments and events. This spread also includes ample space to plan self-care for the month and a thematic read through the Bible in a year outline.


Each month, you’ll find encouraging articles, Bible verses, and quotes focused on helping women with organization, spiritual life, and self-care. Only through self-care can we be ready to take on the challenges of caring for others, the time and energy for relationships or performing well at our jobs or ministry.

Resolutions & Prayer

Each month, read Jonathan Edwards resolutions while you set goals and chart progress. I’ve also included an area for prayer and praise focus.

Money Management

Budgeting and recording spending each month allows for you to set financial goals and get a real grasp of where your dollars are going.

Week at a Glance

This is the core of your planner and includes many features. The beginning of each day has an area to plan your to-do list with boxes to check off as you complete your tasks. Below to-do lists is the area for scheduling appointments between the hours of 7am and 6pm.

To complete each day, there is an area to meal plan for dinners. As you plan your meals, begin making your shopping list in the far right column.

When running errands, managing home, events, and bills, use the first column to detail your tasks.

I’ve also included a new section on planning and executing an exercise plan. It’s a simple reminder each week to get up and get moving.

As always, there are Bible verses and inspirational quotes to encourage and provoke thought.

Holiday Organization

Nestled between the months of November and December, I have included a holiday organization section. Use this area to plan Christmas cards; keep track of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s events; and organize gift giving and shopping in stores and online.

Future Plans

At the end of your planner, you’ll find a 2020-2021 Year at a Glance page along with July, August, September, and October months to schedule events beyond the school year. These can easily be transferred to your new On the Go planner next year. Oh, and there are a few more lovely note pages slipped into this section as well!

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With five kids in their teen and early adult years, Rebecca shares the many ups and downs of parenting, homeschooling, and keeping it all together. As the Well Planned Gal she mentors women towards the goal of discovering the uniqueness Christ has created in them and their family and how to best organize and plan for the journey they will travel.

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