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The Busy Gal Planner


As a busy gal, I need to track my daily tasks, appointments, project goals, dinner menu, and much more. My On the Go planner is the perfect solution. I’m Rebecca, the Well Planned Gal, and this is my Well Planned Day planner for the busy gal.

Dated July 1st to June 30th, this purse-sized planner can be used for the busy career gal, the busy mom with students in school or co-ops, or for moms homeschooling a preschooler or kindergartner. 

Each week there is room to create your daily to-do list, schedule appointments for each hour of the day, and make dinner meal plans. I’ve also included weekly responsibilities for running errands, household projects, purchases, events, and other important reminders.

The weekly spread also accommodates your exercise tracker and a place to plan for self care. When you’re planning your dinner menu, be sure to take advantage of the shopping list area.

I begin each month with a large monthly grid to schedule appointments, family events, and reading through the Bible in a year. This is followed by a monthly article on planning, organization, or developing healthy life habits.

I’ve also included monthly goal sheets with progress tracking, areas to contemplate gratitude and prayers, and multiple note pages. Maintain your budget and stay on top of bills with the monthly money management section. 

Like most women, we often have our hands into multiple projects. With On the Go, you have project pages each month to develop the project outline, chart key information, create your to-do list, and track progress.

Beyond the daily task management, I’ve also included pages to track homemaking projects, cleaning routine, and scheduling pages for each weekday and the weekend. For the busy gal, I’ve incorporated a menu rotation plan along with your favorite meal reference page. This can be helpful when planning your weekly meals. 

To handle the many aspects of a busy gal’s life, I’ve created habit tracking pages, vacations with itineraries, and even bucket lists. 

The On the Go planner has everything the busy gal needs to stay focused, on time, and ready to accomplish her goals. 

Well Planned Gal System

The S.P.O.T. Method consists of four strategic focuses, each of which helps you work toward the successful accomplishment of your goals.

Learn the S.P.O.T. Method