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3 Ways the Organizer Stays Neat and Tidy


If your planner personality thrives on organization, you probably absolutely love it when everything is neat and tidy. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t like to help you stay neat, tidy, and organized. Instead, life likes to bring chaos in its wake, disturbing that beautiful tidiness you so greatly crave.

And even if circumstances line up just right for you, an inherent love for organization does not mean the rest of your planning personality will automatically keep up with your desires for tidy organization!

Intentional Organization

It’s important to recognize that staying neat and tidy requires intentionality and consistency. Here are some tips for staying on top of life and preventing disorganization from derailing and overwhelming you. 

Go to bed with the house picked up.

A daily choice to spend a few minutes tidying up before you go to bed can make all the difference in the world. Quickly wash the dishes in the sink or take a few minutes to fill and run the dishwasher. Walk through the living room and pick up whatever’s lying around. Check your desk for clutter and do a quick tidy-up job there. Glance into the bathroom to make sure laundry is in the hamper and towels are hung up. Note that, if you do this daily and regularly, this is not something that should take you more than 20 minutes or so before you go to bed. Better yet, enlist the kids to help, and it might not take more than five to ten minutes!

Slot 15-minute tidy sessions. 

The bedtime pick-up session can be further enhanced if you slot short tidy sessions throughout each day. For instance, go ahead and spend a few minutes putting books away at the end of the school day. Tidy the kitchen and dining room at lunch time. Evaluate where you are as a family around mid-afternoon and put away what isn’t in use. If you’re about to head out the door, have everyone spend a few minutes tidying up first. 

These sessions can also be used to implement chores. It’s amazing how much work can be done in 15-minute segments. Floors can get vacuumed or swept and mopped, ceiling fans can be dusted, or even a small bathroom can be cleaned. Laundry can be loaded in the washer, transferred to the dryer, or folded in these little segments throughout the day. 

Use storage bins or baskets. 

Make regular tidying even easier by strategically placing storage bins or baskets in areas with a lot of activity. As you walk through, grab anything that’s out of place and toss it into the closest basket. Even if it’s not the item’s “home,” it’s out of the way and no longer cluttering the area. You can sort through each basket or bin in one of your 15-minute tidy sessions. 

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With five kids in their teen and early adult years, Rebecca shares the many ups and downs of parenting, homeschooling, and keeping it all together. As the Well Planned Gal she mentors women towards the goal of discovering the uniqueness Christ has created in them and their family and how to best organize and plan for the journey they will travel.