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Marriage Identity

In order to live out the identity of marriage, we have to realize that if marriage is just one of the many things we do, then it can come and go as our circumstances change. But, if it is who we are, then it must morph and grow just as...

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What is Advent, Anyway?

When we celebrate Advent, we do more than simply set aside one day to wish Jesus, “Happy birthday!” We reset our focus over the course of the whole season. Nothing can make Christmas more precious than an increased awareness of what Jesus really accomplished by taking on our flesh....

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Fashionable vs. Frumpy

In order to reach this world for Christ, we must live in it yet remain not of it. We must be attractive to the world, yet not based on worldly standards. Our attractiveness must come because we dress neither in the latest fashions nor the frumpiest of conservative garb, but...

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