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Beyond Success: 5 Tips for a Truly Transformative Experience

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Chances are you have spent the last several years determined to give your child everything you can to prepare them for the next step in their academic journey, becoming an expert in the college admissions process. So much of your energy has been poured into getting them ready to go, but an important question remains. What should they do once they get there?

At The King’s University (TKU), we believe that college is a time for students to discover what they’re living for as they pursue God and His call on their life. So how can your child get the most out of this time of preparation? How might they navigate the next four years in a way that best equips them for wherever God might send them?

Seek First the Kingdom

As Martin Luther said, “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” With the many opportunities available during the first year of college, it’s vitally important that your student’s relationship with the Lord remain the priority. It can be easy to become distracted, or even disillusioned, during these formative years. Undergraduate student Wade Woodbury has seen this firsthand. “I know other people who have gone to Bible school only to have their passion destroyed and their faith on the line,” he explains, “but at The King’s, I’m challenged to discover my passion, walk in sonship, and pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord.”

Connect with Community

Everyone grows through relationship, and your son or daughter is no different. They will need a safe place to learn from others’ experience, grow with like-minded students, and develop lifelong relationships that they can rely on. At TKU, a core area of focus is on fostering a Spirit-empowered community, where students can explore life and experience God. Whether eating lunch in the cafe or worshiping together in chapel, there are numerous ways for students to develop meaningful friendships in a Christ-centered community.

Get Hands-On Experience

At TKU, we believe that education and ministry are better together. TKU offers a complete educational experience through an integrated learning model that combines accredited higher education with practical ministry experience in the local church. There are many ways your student can get involved, from worship to missions or student ministry. They will gain not only valuable ministry experience, but the opportunity to build relationships with ministry professionals as well.

Utilize Campus Resources

According to Tonya Major, TKU’s director of student success, “Utilizing campus-wide resources is not a sign of weakness, but a vital component to every student’s success.” Whether schooling comes easily to your student or not, they will experience the greatest level of confidence, the lowest level of stress, and the most productive outcomes if they make a habit of seeking out the resources available to them on campus. For example, the Student Success Center at TKU provides access to a variety of assessment tools, tutoring services, and workshops on topics such as learning styles, time management, and organization.

Start Now

Now is the time to begin helping your student put into practice the study and organizational skills they will need to be successful in the classroom and beyond. “A lot of parents want to set their student up for success by doing it for them,” explains Major, “but it needs to be guidance, side by side, allowing them to participate in the building of their organizational tool bag.” If you haven’t already, begin talking about time management with your student. Provide suggestions. Ask how they plan to complete upcoming assignments with all of their extra-curricular activities. The main thing is that you allow them to participate in

The King’s University (TKU) is an accredited, Spirit-empowered, evangelical university based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with branch campuses and teaching sites in 10 U.S. cities and two overseas locations. TKU offers students a unique learning experience, which combines accredited higher education with practical ministry experience within dynamic local churches. Named one of the 50 Most Affordable Small Private Colleges in the U.S., TKU provides a full range of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs in the areas of theology, worship, biblical counseling, Christian ministry and more. TKU offers students the flexibility of daytime or evening classes, as well as online study. Learn more at

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