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Scripture Memory Tips

No matter what stage of learning your children are working through, if you help your them develop a Scripture memory habit now, it will stick with them for the rest of their lives! God will use passages they commit to memory as children to teach and comfort them years later....

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Activities for Teaching Bible

One great way to both take the challenge out of teaching and make learning Scripture personal and effective is to simply expand on what we are learning ourselves. Bible lessons do not have to take hours and be incredibly in depth to make a difference. Sometimes a five minute story...

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Is Bible a Subject to Teach?

The academic study of Scripture, then, is not merely chasing a curiosity but broadening our understanding of what God said. Look back at the beginning: the Bible is the Word of God. We ought to do our best to understand it. That means we will explore how it was written,...

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In the Beginning

Recognizing that God is the Creator who designed the earth, our bodies, and every law that makes the world work, we understand that He is above it all. God is not confined to the laws of nature that He set, but we are. God and His works are of Him,...

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Using Clay in Science

Science can be a fascinating subject and is well-suited for hands-on activities and projects. Clay is an indispensable resource for making science more hands-on. It can be used for everything from experiments to models, and studying clay itself is interesting. Here are some great science ideas and projects that you...

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