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Never Ending Day

Perhaps, though, their advice comes not from forgetfulness but from a deep realization of a truth that they wish someone had shared with them as they struggled through the tough seasons, always looking for this time to pass....

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Are We There Yet?

While traveling with our five kiddos, especially as they grew into the more adult-sized bodies, we had our share of car turmoil. Oftentimes I used those moments to assess character flaws, training needs, and my own lack of patience....

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Staying Focused

Very few of my days fit into the neatly ordered flow I would love to have. Instead, interruptions come, tasks take longer than planned, or regular seasons like summer and Christmas bring a disruption to routine....

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A Scheduled Summer

I try hard to balance training children into young adults and allowing them to enjoy their childhood. Kids today grow up too fast, and if there's one thing I’m learning to appreciate in this season of life, it’s the cuddling up in a hammock and talking of nothing much....

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