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Energized Mom

Planning my days includes a schedule for school, errands and dinner, but until the last few years, did I realize the importance of making sure my exercise plan was on the agenda. Here are ten ideas to help you discover a way to work exercise into your routine!...

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Fashionable vs. Frumpy

In order to reach this world for Christ, we must live in it yet remain not of it. We must be attractive to the world, yet not based on worldly standards. Our attractiveness must come because we dress neither in the latest fashions nor the frumpiest of conservative garb, but...

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The Feminist Mom

Pictures and emotions are quickly formulated when the word feminist is used in conversations. Some cringe, some sigh, and some smirk. I was brought up in a conservative Christian atmosphere and taught that a feminist was one who didn’t like to submit to men and didn’t respect God’s law of...

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Choosing the Good Part

Happily, I slipped into a chair next to another woman about my age and introduced myself. Her face lit up as she told me her name, and then she promptly asked me, “So, what do you do?” “I’m a mom!” I shared excitedly. “Ohhh, that’s nice,” she declared in her...

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When Our Hearts Run Dry

Friends, when done correctly, making time for ourselves is not selfish. It is nourishing. It is you placing the oxygen mask on yourself before placing it on others. Not because you consider yourself more important, but because you know you cannot fully care for them unless you are healthy yourself....

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Credible Witnesses

Many reasons have been offered as to why women serve as the immediate witnesses to the resurrection: the women stayed with him through the crucifixion, so he appeared first to those who stuck with him to the last; women traditionally carried out the burial rituals in first century Judaism, so...

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Well Planned Gal