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The Beauty of Strength


Vintage, modern, and classic would be good adjectives to describe my three daughters. They are so unique in their choices. It often amazes me how three sisters can have the same experience as children and yet grow to become such distinctive adults.

Different Directions

Where are these three gals going in life? Each in their own direction, based on their personality traits, talents, and strengths.

One daughter is passionate about justice and helping others. She is artistic and thoughtful. She sees both the beauty and the not-so-beautiful in people and society and yet gives grace to all.  She loves to set the record straight and use her abilities to make that happen. She loves children and hopes for a family of her own.

Another daughter is Mrs. O for organization. She can put anything into order and direct anyone towards working hard like herself. She is fast at assessing situations and bringing an orderly remedy. She is systematic, strong willed, and bossy. She is a prime candidate for a high-powered and fast-paced job. She loves children and hopes for a family of her own.

And then there is daughter number three. Direct and to the point, she knows what she wants and can read people within minutes. There’s no fooling her. She has the unique ability to aide and assist with any project. She will be instrumental in making things happen in life because she is supportive in every detail. She loves children and hopes for a family of her own.

Navigating Growth

As a parent, I delight in watching these girls grow and make decisions about what they will do. It must also delight our heavenly Father to watch them grow in the beauty of their own strengths.

My daughters do not always recognize their distinctions as strengths. In a culture of constant comparison, today’s young women are often looking to fit in. To display your strengths sometimes comes at the cost of loneliness or rejection. It can be tough navigating the transition years of childhood to adulthood.

There are many decisions to make, and even more expectations that come from peers, family, or traditions. Making choices for today or choosing your future based on the strength God gave you can certainly ruffle feathers, cause divisions, or introduce uncertainties. How do you navigate these choices?

The Keys to Growth

Spending time with the Lord helps you know who you are, where you fall short, and where the Lord wants you to go in life. Do you choose a career? Do you marry? Do you move? Do you go to college? Do you get a job? Do you volunteer?

Questions will swirl, and answers will be difficult at times, but having a strong relationship with Christ is key. The ability to lay all your questions and concerns at the feet of the One who has created you and has your best in mind relieves anxiety and stress.

It is also important to spend time in conversation with a few key individuals who speak truth into your life. This can be a parent, a sister, a friend, boyfriend, or a mentor. It is a grace that God has given us to dialogue and discover! A key person in your life will be able to add perspectives that you might not have thought about.

Last, but certainly not least, think it through! When making decisions, make a list. List the positives and the negatives. List the immediate changes and long-term effects. Making a decision based on what is trending or what others think can quickly get a gal in trouble. Lists can be useful in clearing your thoughts, setting priorities, and having specifics to pray about.

Life is full of decisions, and we all make good and bad ones. Our three unique daughters have many of these decisions to make in the years ahead. My hope isn’t that they make all the right decisions, but that in each season of life, the decisions they make will lead them to a fuller understanding of the beauty in their God given strengths.

With five kids in their teen and early adult years, Rebecca shares the many ups and downs of parenting, homeschooling, and keeping it all together. As the Well Planned Gal she mentors women towards the goal of discovering the uniqueness Christ has created in them and their family and how to best organize and plan for the journey they will travel.

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