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Economics and the Human Person

What does it mean to be a human person?

The human person is unique and unrepeatable, created with reason and hopes and dreams and fears. Each one of us is born into a family, as a member of a community, and a part of a culture. Why does this matter? When it comes to modern economic theory, humans are often viewed simplistically, like objects to be manipulated instead of subjects to be respected.

The Good Society

The Good Society series of free, short films explores interconnected ideas about economics, trade, business, creativity, freedom, and the human person. In an episode titled The Person at the Center of the Economy, a mix of animation and live action helps outline those elements that define human beings—creating the foundation for a right understanding of economics.

Click below to watch The Person at the Center of the Economy.

With its charts, graphs, and equations, economics can be an intimidating subject to teach (and to learn). When approached from a perspective that honors the complex nature of the person, however, both educators and students alike can begin to understand economics in its proper context.

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For over 28 years, the Acton Institute has worked to connect economic freedom, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship with a vibrant Judeo-Christian moral culture. Through a wide range of research publications, visual media, and educational conferences, Acton reaches millions each year with its trademark synthesis of faith and freedom.

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