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The Good Society

When we hear the term “economics”, we tend to picture charts, graphs and equations. The idea that economics is about math is understandable. But people are at the true heart of the economy.

The Good Society

The Good Society is a free, short, and shareable educational film series. Each episode focuses on the elements of a good society. From a dive into our human nature to the cooperation that goes into a free and competitive economy, you’ll find it in The Good Society.

In the episode “Mrs. Schneider,” a young boy’s idyllic, 1950s childhood is changed after a simple interaction with his Jewish neighbor. This experience shapes his understanding of the inherent dignity of individuals and ultimately, what elements are necessary for an economic system that respects people and protects their freedom.

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With six episodes exploring everything from how a cup of coffee is produced to how businesses are built, The Good Society provides a clear path into teaching complex ideas.

For over 28 years, the Acton Institute has worked to connect economic freedom, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship with a vibrant Judeo-Christian moral culture. Through a wide range of research publications, visual media, and educational conferences, Acton reaches millions each year with its trademark synthesis of faith and freedom.

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