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Happy Teachers, Happy Kids

As educators, we know that each child is unique and has his or her own learning style. Learning is ignited when students explore different points of view and connect with others through their ideas. The new My World books support diverse learning styles and engage students in their personal exploration of subjects through descriptive, compare/contrast, cause/effect, and problem/solution text structures. Learning experiences that stimulate the curiosity of children support brain development and higher-level thinking.

Most young children get totally involved in what they are doing, especially if they are having fun. Playing games or creating art are present-moment activities. Activities that require mastering certain skills are particularly engrossing for kids. Students become part of whatever they are doing. They develop better concentration, improve their memory, activate their creativity and imagination, connect their bodies and minds, and gain confidence.

I have never had so much fun writing books as I have these. I know that you and your students will love them, too! About ten years ago, I wrote a book called Happy Teachers, Happy Kids, to remind myself of the joy I felt as a teacher. Fun was always a major part of my teaching day. I knew that if my students and I were happy, I would be motivated to teach well, and they would be motivated to learn. As an author, my motivation is the same. I want children to love the books I write so they can have fun learning from them.

I hope that students who read my new books will also enjoy the fun and feel the love that I have put into creating them.

Bobbie Kalman, Author

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My World is a literacy series designed to help young children become enthusiastic and motivated readers.

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About Author Bobbie Kalman

Widely recognized by educators as the author of more than 800 quality children’s curriculum-based books, Bobbie Kalman has created many of Crabtree Publishing’s most popular series. Considered one of the leading non-fiction writers for children on historic communities in North America and the life of the early pioneers, Bobbie is also well respected for her many popular series on animals and life science. Bobbie holds degrees in English, Psychology, and Education. She has taught at both the elementary and secondary level and has also worked as an educational consultant with several publishing companies.

Crabtree Publishing Company is dedicated to producing high-quality books and educational products for K-9+. The company began building its reputation in 1978 as a quality children's non-fiction book publisher with acclaimed author Bobbie Kalman’s first history series about the early pioneers.

Over the last 40 years, both Crabtree Publishing and Bobbie Kalman have expanded into, and become well-known for, beautifully illustrated books and educational resources on many curriculum subjects including social studies, life and physical sciences, geography, math, digital education and biographies. Colorful and entertaining fiction has also become a strong part of Crabtree’s product line.

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