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Homeschooling Your Child in Computer Science

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Homeschooling Your Child in Computer Science

This article shares how CODE AVENGERS can help you and your children make the most of the challenges and opportunities found in the Computer Science curriculum.

As they grow, our children are increasingly able to access the huge quantities of information and forms of entertainment that are available through the internet. On the one hand, new technology, and the skills gained in creating and using a variety of technologies, will help your children succeed and contribute to society. On the other hand, many children would like to spend their time on computers simply consuming digital content.

Homeschooling parents may feel understandably daunted at the thought of supporting their children to gain a thorough understanding of digital technologies, making their on-device time positive and creative. An online resource that can help is Code Avengers.

Teaching Computational Thinking

Code Avengers have added nine new Junior courses to the Code Avengers platform so that children from K1-12 can cover the Computer Science curriculum using most devices that can access the internet. These courses are designed so that learners can independently work through in their own time, at their own pace, so that there is little need for adult assistance.

“I love the new look of your website and courses. Students find it easy to navigate.”

Code Avengers’ Computational Thinking courses introduce and give children the opportunity to practice a variety of thinking skills and strategies for problem solving, such as “decomposing” a task down into smaller parts or working step-by-step to create an “algorithm.” They learn about sequencing, making choices, predicting outcomes, and organizing information in charts and diagrams.

In the Programming courses, children learn to construct block-based programs to create interactive stories, animations, games, and quizzes. The process of programming involves children learning to think logically as they construct instructions in a language that can be understood by a computer. They learn to detect problems with their programs and find ways to solve them (debugging).

Finally, in our Data Representation courses, children learn that computers process information in a digital (number) format called binary and then represent that information in ways that are understandable to humans.

“Thank you. I honestly thought your product was the absolute best I’ve used. I’ve told several others about it as well.”

Code Avengers can be differentiated to meet the needs of your children. Parents are able to assign courses appropriate for their child’s ability and see analytics and reports, which automatically record the progress of each child. All courses in the Junior platform have audio to support students who are still learning to read. There are also a range of lesson plans and “unplugged” worksheets and activities to extend and support learning off the computer.

Code Avengers is an online education company that makes learning to code easy, accessible and awesome. Founded in 2012 by Dr. Michael Walmsley (Ph.D. in Computer-Assisted Learning), our online coding, design, and computer literacy courses have helped over two million registered students and adult learners in over 15,000 schools and universities around the world.

By employing experts in both the Education and Digital Technology sectors and designing in response to feedback from thousands of users, Code Avengers has developed a progressive and compelling learning platform to put the essential skills of our digital future in every school and living room.

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