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Online Planning Tutorial

Printables and Reports

No matter how useful digital planning may be, there are still times when pen and paper are indispensable. This is where the Reports feature of Online Planning comes in handy. Whether you need to print weekly assignments and chores for students, weekly teacher plans, progress reports, attendance records, or a transcript, the Reports feature turns online ease into printable accessibility with the click of a button.

Online Planning Transcript

Reports and Printables Instructional

Online planning is a wonderfully flexible tool, but there are still times when we need information in print. Let’s take a few minutes to walk through how to use your online planner to easily create a variety of printed reports ranging from weekly lesson plans to annual records.

Getting Set Up

You’ll find all of your reports under the Reports icon in your main menu. But first, it’s important to make sure that your courses are properly set up for the information to show up on your reports. Here’s how to do that:

  • Click on the Courses icon in your main menu and choose a course you wish to have included in printed reports.
  • Select the down arrow to the right of the Course Details options and scroll down to the Include in Reports? option. Make sure there is a checkmark in this box.
  • If this is a high school course, check the Credits dropdown menu to ensure that a number of credits is selected. This will tell the system to calculate GPA and include this course on a high school transcript.
  • If you desire to include chores on the student reports, click on the Checklists icon and ensure that the paperclip icon is highlighted on each task list that needs to be included.

Now we’re ready to walk through the reports.

Weekly Student Plans

Using the Weekly Student Plans report, you can hand your student a print-out of the week’s assignments. Here’s how to do use this feature:

  • Select the student whose plans you wish to print and the week you wish to print. The default is the current week, but you can also select the previous week, the next week, or a custom date.
  • If you prefer to print only incomplete or ungraded assignments, click the View All menu to select which assignments to include on the report.
  • Choose whether you want to print by course or by time.
  • Click Subject Sort to rearrange the order of your subjects.
  • Click on Print This View to create the printable version of this weekly schedule, including any Checklist tasks assigned, complete with checkboxes for students to mark when each subject is complete.

Weekly Teacher Plans

Weekly Teacher Plans work similarly.

  • Select individual or multiple students and choose the week desired.
  • Select to show either the course or time layout.
  • Click on Subject Sort to rearrange the order in which the subjects appear on the report.

When you’re ready to print your Weekly Teacher Plan, you’ll find that this view is designed to match the weekly spread in your Well Planned Day planner. It even includes any tasks you have assigned to yourself in the Checklist as well as any Dinner meals created on the meals calendar.

Progress Report

If you have maintained grading throughout the year, the Progress Report maintains itself! This option will show an overview of weekly grades from the start date of your year up to the current date. All you have to do is print, and you have a summary of your student’s grades for the year!


Like the Progress Report, the Attendance Report prepares itself throughout the year, but this report is also interactive, allowing you to edit as needed.

  • Select the student whose report you wish to see, then click Go.
  • Double check to make sure that the right months are selected after the attendance has loaded. To change the months, click on the bar with the months showing. In the left-hand calendar, choose the appropriate year, then select the first month you wish to see covered in the report, and in the right-hand calendar select the appropriate year and the last month you wish to see. The system will automatically fill in the intervening months. Click Go again to refresh.

The Attendance Report page is completely interactive, allowing you to make edits and adjustments to any day on the report.

  • Click the day you wish to edit, and a pop-up edit box will appear.
  • You’ll find a list of all assignments included in that day’s record of hours. If there is an assignment that should not be included, simply click to uncheck the box on the left. You can also adjust the Schedule to record a different length of time for that subject. These time markers are used to determine total number of hours invested in the school year.
  • Scroll further down to see a summary of attendance hours, as well as a management box for editing attendance records. The default is to mark students as present with a checkmark, but you can change this day to mark your student as sick. Simply use the dropdown menu to select Sick, then choose an icon or letter from the “keyboard” to denote this change.
  • Tto add additional attendance markers, such as Field Trip, Co-Op, or even Vacation, simply click the sprocket in the upper right corner of the Attendance box, enter the attendance marker you wish to add, and click Add. Click the sprocket again to close the box. Your addition will automatically show up in the drop down menu. Assign a symbol to your new choice and click Save.

At the bottom of the page, you will find an overall attendance report legend recording the number of days in which your student completed assignments. Attendance is only marked if all assignments for that day were completed. You will also find a record of total hours. Any additional attendance markers you’ve created will also show up in this legend.

One thing to note is that the Attendance Report includes all days in which assignments are assigned, whether they are marked to include in reports or not. So, if you assign a piano practice “course” which includes weekend practice, those days and hours will show up on the Attendance Report.

Once your updates have been made, click Print in the upper right hand corner to include this report in your personal records or state reporting.

High School Transcript

Before we take a look at the transcript function, remember to check the set up functions mentioned at the beginning of this instructional. Make sure that you have a number of credits assigned and that the course is marked to show in reports. Now, let’s walk through creating a transcript.

First, you’ll need to set up student information.

  • Click on the Students icon in your main menu at the top of your screen.
  • Under the image of the student you wish to edit, click on Student Info. Fill in as much information as you currently have for this student. You can always come back and add more later, as your student takes tests and determines a rank.

Now, head on over to Reports and click on High School Transcript. Select your student’s name and click Go. That’s it! All selected courses, grades, credits, GPA, and student info will show up, ready to print. If anything is missing, simply go back and check to make sure that the credit and reports options are appropriately selected.

With these reports automatically compiled and at your fingertips, keeping track of your student’s information will be a breeze!

printables and reports


Why are some courses not appearing on reports?

Go to your Courses page and click on a course not showing up in your reports. Under Course Details, make sure the Include in Reports? box is checked. Be sure to watch the Create a Custom Course  or Install a Purchased Course video for full details on setting up a custom or purchased course schedule.

Can I change the order of the subjects on the Student and Teacher Plans?

Yes! On either the Teacher or Student Weekly Plans page, you will find a Subjects Sort box. Click this box to rearrange the order of your subjects before printing.

How do I make sure the chores list prints on my student’s weekly plan?

At the top of each task list, you will find a small paper clip icon. Make sure this icon is highlighted if you want a list to show up on your printed reports. See the Checklists and Chores video for more details.

Why are some days not counting towards attendance on the attendance report?

The Online Planning system only acknowledges attendance for days in which all assignments have been completed. If a day is not marked complete, check the assignments for that day and make sure all have been either completed or moved to a new day for completion.

How are hours totals calculated in the attendance report, and how do I edit it?

Hours are set by the times you choose when you set up a course. For more information, view the Custom Courses tutorial or see the Attendance section of the Printables and Reports tutorial.

My middle school student is taking high school credit courses. How can I make sure those courses are added to their high school transcript?

If you have chosen credits for any course and have selected for it to show up on reports, it will automatically show up on your student’s transcript, listed under the appropriate grade. In order to ensure that only desired courses show up, make sure to uncheck the Include in Reports? box on all other courses completed by the student that year. For more information, see “Getting Set Up” in the Printables and Reports Instructional.