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Essentials to Organizing Your Spaces

When I say the word organization, my mind is immediately taken back to the early years of mothering when life required a routine purging of the kids’ toys. The day would begin by dumping every play thing from closet bins, under-the-bed containers, and toy buckets into the middle of the room. With a large trash bag and a few plastic containers, we began weeding through the pile, making quick decisions on what to keep, give away, throw away, or put away for a later date. 

To homeschool moms, organization is about the linen closet, the kitchen junk drawer, homeschool books and supplies, the pantry, bedroom closets, and dressers. Those are the majority, but organization isn’t limited to home management…

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Organizing That Works

Discover the role organization plays in reaching your goals and walk through a step-by-step outline for organization using the S.P.I.R.A.L. system.


Learn More About Organizing

Whether you love organizing spaces with intricate detail or you’d rather just use straighten the stacks, there is a organizing method that fits your personality! Let the S.P.O.T. Method guide you as you explore tips to help you learn how to organize for homeschooling, home management, personal time, and more in a way that capitalizes on your personality strengths and nourishes weak areas.

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