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Six Useful Websites for College Students

The internet can be crucial for a college student. Here are six useful places to go for help with assignments.

Purdue Owl

This website tells you how to cite your sources. Citing papers can be difficult, even if you do it a lot, because there are so many different styles. The OWL gives an overview, as well as specific advice, about every style and most of the complications that could come up with trying to cite things. More of your college career than you think will be citing your sources, so start using this website.

Pro tip: Don’t use a citation generator! Professors can often tell when you’ve used it because it tends to mess up the citation.


This one’s useful for any kind of class—you can make flashcards and study them in a myriad of different ways. Plus, you can make your sets public, so your classmates can share and save time.

Pro tip: Quizlet is especially helpful for (better known) language courses as the system is set up to be able to pronounce things for you and teach you to spell new words.

Visit Quizlet


Disclaimer: Do not use Wikipedia for citing your sources. However, Wikipedia is a wonderful tool when you don’t know something. Whether it’s a chemical compound you need the formula for, a book you forgot to read for a class that’s about to start, or historical context for something you’re learning about Henry VIII, Wikipedia gives a good, reliable overview of almost everything.


This may be obvious, but don’t forget the lesser known Google tools: Google Drive and Google Books. Google Drive will store your papers for free so you don’t have to carry a USB drive around. Plus, you can collaborate with other people on a shared document, which is more useful than you might think.

Google Books has a huge selection of e-books for whatever you may be researching, and it gives you free access to large samples of texts that may contain everything you need without requiring you to buy the book.

Wolfram Alfa

Wolfram Alfa has been described as kind of like Google for science-y stuff, but it also does calculations for you. You can put in complex math, and it will figure it for you. From a humanities perspective, its best purpose is calculating family relations you can’t figure out, such as what you to call your mother’s cousin’s daughter. (It’s a second cousin, if you were wondering.)

Your college’s library website

There are often many fantastic free resources found on the website for your college library (or libraries), including databases for searching any and every academic or professional journal or magazine you could dream of to help you knock out that research paper, access to direct help from a librarian, free tutoring, ability to reserve a private study room, and more.

Find even more resources at Southern!

Southern Adventist University provides students with many free resources to help them succeed in college and beyond. These resources include McKee Library, which offers tutoring to students for any class, as well as the Writing Center, where students are provided with support to help them ace their writing assignments. Additionally, students have access to career advising and testing, along with counseling services.

Located on 1,300 acres in Southeast Tennessee, Southern Adventist University is a co-education institution offering doctoral, master's, baccalaureate and associate degrees, and one-year certificates. With a 13:1 student/faculty ratio, Southern has been ranked a Top Tier institution by U.S. News & World Report for 19 years. Southern equips students to embrace biblical truth, embody academic and professional excellence, and pursue Spirit-filled lives of service.

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