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Is Homeschooling Legal?

While at one time most children were educated at home by their parents or private tutors, by the 20th century compulsory education laws reduced home educators almost exclusively to the Amish and families living in extremely rural areas. The number of homeschooling families began rising again in the late 1970's...

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Why Learning Style Matters

As a homeschooler, you have already made the decision to provide the best education for your children. You, like me, realize that learning can be personal, fun and engaging and want to inspire a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. This is why understanding your child’s learning style and speaking...

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Encouraging Dreams

Do your children have big dreams? Do they talk about all the things they would love to accomplish? Encouraging and supporting our children to achieve their goals is something they will never forget. Knowing that the most important people in their lives want them to dream big and do their...

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