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Online Homeschool Programs

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There’s no doubt online homeschooling is growing. And whether we agree or disagree with allowing our kids to learn on a screen, there’s no denying that computers, tablets, and smart devices are here to stay. And our kids, who will end up working in fields we haven’t even imagined, will face a highly technological world where the bar for success just keeps getting higher.

With this in mind, just how important is it to leverage online learning?

5 Reasons You Should Consider Online Homeschool Courses

  1. Online classes prepare your child for the future. Studies show that students who take online classes are more prepared for the work environment and more likely to update their technology skills later in life.These same students will have an advantage in college as many colleges and universities now require students to take online courses or participate in online portions of live classes. In fact, some even require that incoming freshman have at least one online course on their high school transcript.That’s why students of all ages are learning online. Some work independently; others learn together with peers from all around the world using the latest in live education technology. And as they learn, they are gaining twenty-first century skills that will be critical for future success.
  2. Online programs provide expert teachers and can fill learning gaps without sacrificing convenience. Even the most experienced homeschool parents struggle with a subject or two. With online homeschooling there is no reason why our kids can’t tackle those subjects anyway.In fact, those online courses give both you and your students an advantage. You get the opportunity to take a breather or learn alongside your children while they get the advantage of learning from subject experts who love to teach.
  • Not ready to take on algebra? There’s an online course for that!
  • Want live science labs with a certified biology instructor? No problem!
  • Need help with writing? There’s an online course for that too.
  1. Online homeschooling is convenient and affordable. Whether you need some help teaching difficult subjects or getting hard-to-find credits, chances are, there’s an online course that will work for you. At just a fraction of the cost of a tutor, you have access to some of the best, most interactive learning available today.And the fact that you can access expert teachers, pinpoint areas of struggle, and avoid an hour drive to the nearest tutor or homeschool co-op means that online homeschooling can fit your life.
  2. Online courses that have been structured for homeschooling allow students to go at their own pace. If your student is a go-getter, ready for the next challenge, and often ahead of the curriculum, online homeschooling is a great fit! Middle school students can tackle tough subjects and take advantage of interactive activities while learning new skills. High school students can choose from general, college prep, AP, or college level Dual Enrollment courses.And for those students who need to see it, hear it, and do it to learn it, online courses give them the flexibility to learn at the pace they need to succeed.
  3. Online courses create strong, independent learners through instant feedback and accountability. The best online programs will provide your student with an advisor or teacher who will provide accountability, help them when they get stuck, monitor their progress, and champion their efforts.This leads to more independent and empowered learners who know their strengths and weaknesses and learn time management skills to meet challenges and deadlines successfully.

If your child isn’t learning online, it’s time to consider your options. Online classes are critical to preparing your child for the future. However, not all online programs are created equal. Make sure you choose an online homeschool program that is accredited, flexible, and meets your child’s unique needs. Call 800-863-1474 today to find out more about how online homeschooling can give your child the edge.

Bridgeway Academy is a fully accredited virtual homeschool academy, meeting the highest levels of accreditation. The academy customizes learning options for each Bridgeway student based on their unique learning style and needs, all the while considering how much hands-on instruction the parents want to provide. Visit for more information.

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