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Is This a Living Book?

Books that reduce the learning experience to a list of dry facts or memorization of key points typically do not fit the living books description because they distance the facts from life. Well-written biographies and vivid historical fiction, on the other hand, help readers grasp real-life context for the information...

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A Chapter a Day

For many of us, our homeschool curriculum foundation is built on the beauty of living books. We provide a delightful flow of learning for our children with each and every page. But, absorbing the depth of living books should not stop just because we finish school....

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What About Wizards?

What is the distinction between The Lord of the Rings (or Narnia), and Harry Potter? The Harry Potter series does have redeeming qualities. Harry is, in many ways, an admirable figure. He’s a nice kid. He values friendship and loyalty. And he struggles to defeat/thwart enemies who are clearly evil....

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