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The Good Society: Coffee

Coffee—it’s one of life’s simple pleasures. Yet turning beans into brew requires a degree of global cooperation and complex interactions that make your cup of espresso nothing short of a miracle!

In episodes five and six of The Good Society, we explore this journey in all its detail.

The Good Society is a short, free film series ideal for teaching basic economics.

The Story of Coffee

The story begins in Tanzania, where farmers explain the agricultural aspect of growing, harvesting, and processing some of the world’s most flavorful beans.

Hopping across the globe to Germany, we visit two factories where cast iron and steel become the coffee roasters and grinding burrs essential to an exquisite cup of coffee.

In Italy, we meet an octogenarian who has spent his entire life innovating how espresso is made. His entrepreneurial father began the business in 1927. Since that time, the company has revolutionized the brewing process, creating state-of-the-art machines used in coffee houses and restaurants around the world.

Finally, we land in Colorado Springs, served by a shop owner who pours a perfect cup for every customer, every time.

So while you drink your morning cup of coffee, take a moment to think of the creative energy and cooperative effort of thousands of people across multiple continents.

In a complex global web that looks like chaos from afar, there is an order that comes from using our gifts and talents to support our families, serve our communities, and ultimately bring products to market in The Good Society.

The Good Society series and its accompanying study guide present an elegant way to deeply engage students around the concepts of business, economics, entrepreneurship, and global trade. Learn more about The Good Society and sign up for updates on new episodes here.

For over 28 years, the Acton Institute has worked to connect economic freedom, free enterprise, and entrepreneurship with a vibrant Judeo-Christian moral culture. Through a wide range of research publications, visual media, and educational conferences, Acton reaches millions each year with its trademark synthesis of faith and freedom.

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