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The Worth of Leadership Training

As a homeschool parent, you’ve taken on more responsibility than most when it comes to ensuring your kids get a great education. You want more than anything for your kids to succeed, to be happy, and to become adults who positively impact the world around them in their own unique ways.

As you explore the many options available today for designing your kids’ homeschool experience, here’s one idea for you to consider: The single best way to prepare your kids to live the lives you want for them is to make leadership the central focus of your approach to homeschooling.

How we train youth for leadership

At Williamsburg, we offer comprehensive, fully-interactive online middle and high school programs that students can take from home, and our custom-designed leadership program is at the heart of our curriculum. We believe leadership means three things:

  • making and keeping commitments through cultivating strong morals and values
  • learning to manage time, tasks and energy by honing a strong set of executive skills
  • developing and nurturing healthy relationships by living intentional stories

These things are simple to understand, but hard to do. To bridge this gap we help students develop their leadership through a sequence of courses based on projects that challenge students to apply time-tested leadership principles to their own lives, including through volunteer and humanitarian work experiences, deep personal reflection, and weekly accountability check-ins.

To support their projects, we introduce students to the works of some of the world’s top authorities on leadership, including Victor Frankl, James Allen, Dale Carnegie, Donald Miller, Stephen Covey, Seth Godin, and Brené Brown. The goal of this entire process is to help students nurture their own unique passions in life and clarify what they need to do to live life meaningfully.

What other homeschool parents say

Here’s what parents say about the impact our leadership-based curriculum is having on their children:

“Through the leadership classes, I have seen progress in [my son’s] character development and personal responsibility I never expected. Williamsburg is preparing students for life beyond graduation.” –RaNae R.

“I think the leadership aspect is great to help them take responsibility for their life, not only in academics, but with anything they may be struggling with socially, emotionally, internally, future planning, etc.” –Colleen M.

“Williamsburg has been tremendous at encouraging leadership with our [daughter]. She now looks at how her leadership and example might effect others, when she used to take more of a back seat in participation. The growth and progress of her education through Williamsburg has given her the tools to move forward in any direction she chooses with a confidence that she didn’t have before.” –Malinda H.

If our approach resonates with you, we invite you to take our Right Fit Quiz and see if our program is right for your family—and if so, use code WPG50 to save 50% off any one course when registering.

Williamsburg Learning, along with its multiple school partners, empowers promising students and educators to live meaningful lives as principled leaders through world-class mentoring, curriculum, systems, and support. We seek to graduate tens of thousands of purpose-driven alumni who think wisely, live adventurously, and serve selflessly. Our online model creates freedom, flexibility, personalization, & safety for 1000s of families across the United States and the world.

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