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Williamsburg Learning

Williamsburg Learning, along with its multiple school partners, empowers promising students and educators to live meaningful lives as principled leaders through world-class mentoring, curriculum, systems, and support. We seek to graduate tens of thousands of purpose-driven alumni who think wisely, live adventurously, and serve selflessly. Our online model creates freedom, flexibility, personalization, & safety for 1000s of families across the United States and the world.

The Transition

At a certain point, we begin to crave what mom and dad can’t offer on their own. We appreciate what our parents have done for us, but we want to test ourselves in the so-called “real world.” We want outside teachers and mentors to challenge us. We want to see...

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The Middle and High School Years

Rebecca the Well Planned Gal had the opportunity to connect with James Ure, president of Williamsburg Academy. This unique education option offers students an alternative to traditional school systems while providing a solid framework of academic excellence and the support of mentoring and leadership training to prepare them for college...

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