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What Are Tutorials?

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Do We Need Tutorials?

Tutorials are similar in nature to homeschool enrichment programs in that they are services offered by teachers with expertise in a specific area. Unlike enrichment programs, however, tutorials are more often found in the core subjects of math, language arts, history, and science. They can also be offered as classes with multiple students or as one-on-one opportunities.

Points to Ponder

Here are some thoughts to consider as you explore tutorials and determine whether or not they are right for your family.


Tutorial instructors may be fellow homeschool parents, teachers offering additional classes on the side, or professionals who enjoy teaching. Whatever the case, they are always individuals with some form of expertise in the subject at hand. This can be especially helpful for high school subjects the prove a little more challenging for parents to comfortably teach.

All or Some

Some tutorials offer complete course opportunities, allowing a different teacher to do all planning, teaching, and grading. Others are more in line with a tutor, offering help with certain aspects of a course. For instance, you might find a lab tutorial that handles all dissecting portions of a biology course. Or, perhaps you need help evaluating your student’s writing assignments and showing them how to improve. A tutorial might be available that handles all of the writing aspects of a language arts curriculum.

Classroom Option

A wide variety of tutorial options exist, including online and one-on-one opportunities. But, tutorials also offer a potential classroom experience for homeschool students who desire to explore group or classroom learning. Some families choose tutorials or enrichment opportunities more because they desire this group experience than because they need the expert assistance.

A Few More Thoughts

As you look for available tutorials, consider asking local homeschool friends, checking with a co-op in your area, or asking your state homeschool association for help. But also remember that tutorials are not limited to the homeschool community. Some tutorial programs may advertise in the newspaper or through the school district. You can also check with your local library or on a nearby college campus.

In addition to working as managing editor for HEDUA, Ann is a missionary kid, second generation homeschooler, pastor's wife, and mom of three. She loves encouraging and equipping others, especially women in the homeschooling and ministry communities.

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