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Why Liberal Arts?

What does it mean when a university calls itself a “liberal arts” institution? A liberal arts college promises an education that extends beyond your chosen field of study. That means you’ll take courses in things like history, science, philosophy and the arts in addition to your major.

Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education

This might seem like a risk—after all, you want a diploma that will snag you a job, and paying for classes outside your field feels like a waste.

But there are distinct advantages to attending a liberal arts university. Being saturated in the arts, culture, philosophy and science prepares you for more than a career—it prepares you for life.

You’ll Get a More Personal Education

Because liberal arts universities tend to be smaller than other universities, the classroom environment is more personal. You’ll find that it’s easier to get academic help directly from your professors. You’ll also have better opportunities to forge relationships with other students, forming a network that will serve you well in your career.

You’ll Be More Hireable

Employers aren’t looking for one-dimensional applicants. Most jobs require solid writing skills, critical thinking power, and public speaking confidence—which you’ll gain from liberal arts courses like English, philosophy, and speech.

You’ll Be More Versatile

As many millennial and GenZ grads are discovering, landing a job that corresponds to your chosen major can be difficult. But with the skills you develop through liberal arts courses, you’ll be well-prepared to fill roles outside of your specialty—giving you the flexibility you need to thrive in any workplace.

You’ll Be a Better Human

Once you enter your life’s work, you’ll rub elbows with people from every walk of life. Because you’ll be equipped to speak intelligently and think critically about everything from economics to opera, you’ll be able to build bridges with those around you. And you’ll have more to contribute to your community.

Learn More About a Liberal Arts Education

The holistic education you’ll get at a liberal arts university will prepare you for your future—because your future needs all of you. Click the links below to learn how BJU can help you grow through a liberal arts education.

Founded in 1927, BJU is a regionally accredited Christian liberal arts university located in Greenville, South Carolina. Every part of the BJU experience is shaped by its mission: to inspire students to develop a lifelong pursuit of learning, loving and leading. Find out more at

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