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From: One Parent, To: You

Williamsburg Academy was the best decision we made regarding our son’s education. As homeschoolers since kindergarten, we were accustomed to having flexibility in our curriculum choices and schedule.

We always strived to keep our son Elliott challenged and interested while ensuring that the overall direction of his education included enriched material required for his current grade level. We wanted his education to be well-rounded with a depth not found in public school while maintaining his love of learning.

When I completed my studies for a masters in nursing, I needed to be able to concentrate on my research study/thesis, but Elliott needed a strong high school program and transcript.

Ultimately, we settled on Williamsburg Academy because of its emphasis on experiential learning and teamwork. It also focused on the technology that our son needed in order to prepare for the coming age. By the time Elliott finished that first year, he wanted to stay, and we were impressed by his growth, the curriculum, and the mentors.

The focus at Williamsburg Academy is to grow thinkers, not program robots. The mentors and programs are not focused on just pouring certain facts into your child’s brain through the mind-numbing use of textbooks filled with twaddle. They create a desire to learn through lively conversations utilizing the Socratic method and the consumption of “living books” (see Charlotte Mason). The art of writing is not dead at this school; it is integrated into every course.

I cannot say enough about the quality of people involved and the wonderful relationships that my son has developed with the mentors over the years. They helped him learn how to manage his time and energy with a variety of tools and foster an accountability that would have been extremely difficult and stressful for me to create at home!

So, as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding! Our son graduated summa cum laude, an Honor Society member, and an Eagle Scout with excellent ACT and SAT scores! He has friends across the country. His essays enabled him to be accepted into his first choice for college (the private and selective Elon University, where less than 10% of applicants gain admission!) and earned him a four-year merit scholarship and merit grant. He has been awarded one of the semifinalist scholarships for the National Honor Society with more than 9,000 students applying!

Williamsburg Academy mentored our son through some of his most developmentally difficult years. The leadership courses taught him to examine life and choices in a way that many adults will never do. I encourage you to look at the reading list and books of any school you are considering. I encourage you to give your children the gift of being a “Williamsburger”!

Best Wishes,
Dagny Rivette, MSN, RN
Charlotte, NC

Williamsburg Learning, along with its multiple school partners, empowers promising students and educators to live meaningful lives as principled leaders through world-class mentoring, curriculum, systems, and support. We seek to graduate tens of thousands of purpose-driven alumni who think wisely, live adventurously, and serve selflessly. Our online model creates freedom, flexibility, personalization, & safety for 1000s of families across the United States and the world.

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