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Getting to Know Anatomy from the Comfort of Your Home

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So you’ve chosen to homeschool your child but you’re worried that they won’t get the same lab experiences that they might get at a public school.

As parents, you want the best for your child, and by choosing to homeschool you are in control of all aspects of their learning. But some things aren’t as excisable when you’re homeschooled versus public school. A big thing that homeschool students miss out on is science labs that are able to be done at home, specifically dissecting animal specimens.

Why Dissect?

The learning involved with dissecting a specimen is much more likely to be installed into your child’s brain than learning that comes from simply reading about it in a book or online. The hands-on experience gained from a dissection can create a greater appreciation for anatomy because you are getting a real-world look inside a specimen.

Dissecting helps capture the student’s attention and keeps their mind focused on the task at hand versus listening to a lecture where their mind can wander off easily.

Focusing on all the organs within a single animal can help the student to increase their understanding of how organ system work.

Dissecting at Home

It is becoming increasingly easier to incorporate real-world learning experience at home. The truth is, your child can have the same experiences right from your home. No longer will they have to go through school without the experience of dissecting animal specimens. Through great companies like Biology Products, your child will have the opportunity to dissect animals and learn more about anatomy. Dissecting specimens is very beneficial to your child’s education because it assists them in learning about how body’s work and what organ systems look like.

If your child is interested in becoming a doctor or a veterinarian, dissecting will greatly help them out with practice and learning how to find their way around the organism. Overall, Biology Products is a great resource for homeschoolers to learn more about biology and the world around them.

Biology Products is a family owned and operated company in Minnesota. We employee up to 50 employees at this time. It was incorporated in 1991.

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