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Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway Academy is a fully accredited virtual homeschool academy, meeting the highest levels of accreditation. The academy customizes learning options for each Bridgeway student based on their unique learning style and needs, all the while considering how much hands-on instruction the parents want to provide. Visit bridgewayacademy.com for more information.

Why Learning Style Matters

As a homeschooler, you have already made the decision to provide the best education for your children. You, like me, realize that learning can be personal, fun and engaging and want to inspire a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. This is why understanding your child’s learning style and speaking...

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Online Homeschool Programs

There’s no doubt online homeschooling is growing. And whether we agree or disagree with allowing our kids to learn on a screen, there’s no denying that computers, tablets, and smart devices are here to stay. And our kids, who will end up working in fields we haven’t even imagined, will...

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Beyond Compensating

“He can’t sit still to hear the story,” his teacher said. “I don’t think he understands, and he is too much of a distraction to the others. So we let him do his own thing.” This moment, when Josh was younger, is carved into my memory; the moment I realized that...

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