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The Solution to the Mid-Year Slump—For Us and Them!

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When I started homeschooling, our family instantly benefited from the rewards: more family time, stronger values, and more creativity and individualism in learning.

But, what I didn’t realize was how hard it would be on me. The challenge to stay creative, stay energetic, and stay focused left me feeling drained. If you’re like me, you will find your family in a homeschooling slump at some point. You want the fun and excitement to return, but adding more curriculum or more activities feels like just more work for you when you’re already spent.

When you’re in a slump or stuck, you need a solution that eases your burden and solves the problem. It was that goal in mind that led me to live online classes. I’ve found live classes have been more than rewarding for our family; they have been the cure for our homeschool slump.

5 Ways Live Classes Revived Our Homeschool Routine

1. More Fun: While I may have had a struggle getting my kids to tackle math, there were no complaints when they got to choose from exciting topics like kitchen chemistry, robotics, essay writing, etc. These classes make learning fun!

2. Increased Creativity: Does it get more creative than architecture with brick building, the arctic, or creative writing? The unique format and class topics have unleashed creativity in my kids that I didn’t know were there!

3. Expert Teaching: What do I really know about high school chemistry? Not much! Live online classes became a great vehicle for my children to dive deeply into subjects that make me uncomfortable with the guidance of an expert teacher.

4. Social Collaboration: Live classes give my kids the opportunity to socialize with other students around the world in real time. They talk, see one another on video, and are learning new technology and the collaborative skills they will need in the future.

5. The Break I Needed: Let’s face it, being in a slump can kill more than creativity. It robbed me of the joy and fun I found as a homeschool parent. Live classes gave me just the break I needed to reclaim that joy and the free time to find our focus and get re-organized.

Bridgeway Academy is a fully accredited virtual homeschool academy, meeting the highest levels of accreditation. The academy customizes learning options for each Bridgeway student based on their unique learning style and needs, all the while considering how much hands-on instruction the parents want to provide. Visit for more information.

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